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Kan Jam Tournament

Kan Jam Winners

Mr. Baker's Health & Physical Education classes at Poquoson Middle School participated in a Kan Jam tournament. Kan Jam is a disc throwing game where students compete against their fellow classmates while learning to improve their teamwork abilities, communication skills, and become a peer coach; helping their classmates by giving them some tips on their disc throwing technique. The winners were as follows:

1st Period - William Cannella and Curtis Johnson

2nd Period - Xander Moody and Phillip Antropov

4th Period - Dylan Henley and Micah Kawecki

5th Period - Meredith Woodruff and Sarah Strum

6th Period - Aaron Henley and Thatcher Faciszewski

7th Period - James "Trey" Ruehl and Cameron Robertson

Pictured:  Trey Ruehl and Cameron Robertson