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Virginia Department of Education Releases Pass Rates

Based on a review of preliminary data, all Poquoson City Public Schools will again meet the state’s accreditation standards.  Poquoson City Public Schools have met accreditation standards each year since the Virginia Department of Education implemented these accountability measures.

 The division met or exceeded pass rates for students on SOL tests in English, mathematics, science and social studies, with a six point gain in mathematics.   Highlights from across schools show that 94% of the students at the high school passed the End-of-Course (EOC) Reading SOL, 93% passed the EOC Writing SOL, 93% of students passed the Geometry SOL, and 98% of students passed their Chemistry SOL. At the middle school, 92% grade 8 reading, 92% passed the grade 6 math SOL and 94% passed the grade 8 math SOL, and 96% of students passed the grade 8 Civics and Economics SOL. The elementary school saw pass rates of 93% in grade 5 reading, and pass rates of 95%, 94% and 96% in grades 3, 4 and 5 math, respectively. Additionally, grade 5 science saw an increase in the number of students passing with a pass rate of 93%.

 Some of the largest gains in the division were seen in the area of mathematics at the elementary school, in grade 8 math and in high school geometry, which saw a gain of 16 percentage points. Gains were seen for students in different groups, specifically students with disabilities in all schools in English achievement. Highlights in this area include a 12 percentage point increase in the pass rates on the grade 3 reading, a seven percentage point increase in grade 7 reading and a seven percentage point increase in grade 11 writing. 

Highlights of PCPS student performance on state tests include:

  • Preliminary English accreditation rating for PCPS is 91%.
  • Preliminary math accreditation rating for PCPS is 91%.
  • Preliminary history accreditation rating for PCPS is 93%.  
  • Preliminary science accreditation rating for PCPS is 93%.

 “We continue to be pleased by the level of student achievement on the SOL tests which will ensure we are fully accredited in Virginia and demonstrates our continued tradition of excellence.  Pass rates increased on many tests for all students as well as for student groups during a year when SOL test requirements changed,” said Jennifer Parish., Ed.D., Superintendent. “We will continue to provide engaging instruction for all of our students to ensure they successfully meet the requirements of the Virginia Profile of a Graduate.”

 “The hard work and dedication of our teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and other staff continues to have a positive impact on student achievement as is evidenced by the gains on the assessments,” said Antonia Fox, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Support Services.  “We continue to be focused and energized in our efforts to provide students with real-world experiences through project based learning and STEM instruction and opportunities to explore various career pathways. Each year, we celebrate our successes but recognize there is always more work to do to ensure we meet the needs of every student.”