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PMS Counselors Support Students and Families through Virtual Conferences


In collaboration with Poquoson Middle School teachers, support staff, PCPS Counselors, and community agencies, Mrs. Goyne and Mrs. Tuttle developed videos and lessons to address everything from stress management through mindfulness activities, organization and time management tips in a virtual world, conflict resolution skits, thoughtfulness projects for students, and even a motivational lip sync challenge to lift students' spirits.  Counselors have supported their students and families through virtual conferences either one-on-one with students, or in collaboration with other educators and/or parents.  Academic and Career Plan meetings were held virtually with 8th grade students and families over seven weeks to support students in their high school planning to help them pursue their career goals. Although they deeply miss the in-person interactions, Mrs. Goyne and Mrs. Tuttle are grateful for the opportunity to continue to connect with PMS students and families to foster positive relationships and provide support for a successful school year.