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Virginia Read Aloud Day

Read Aloud

On Tuesday, October 22nd, Poquoson Primary School welcomed 30 student athletes from Poquoson High School to read a story with all classes, in celebration of “Virginia Read Aloud Day”. This is an annual event, arranged by Wendy Green, the Reading Specialist at Poquoson Primary. Classroom teachers and students were excited to have Poquoson High School student athletes share a story with them and the athletes were just as excited to spend time with Poquoson’s youngest students and their former teachers. In addition to sharing a story, many student athletes talked with the students about the importance of reading and how being an avid reader will help them become a successful person as they get older. Poquoson Primary and Poquoson High School partner together for student events at various times throughout the year in order to give the older students an opportunity to give back to their community and give our youngest students the opportunity to see role models in action.

Pictured:  Abigail Cannella and Abby Barefoot