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IPOP Students Investigate Trees through Hands-On Learning

Trees through hands-on learning

As part of their unit of study on “Trees”, Poquoson Primary’s IPOP students participated in various activities to learn more about trees and why they are important. The unit began with students listening to numerous books about trees. These books helped teach the students about the animals that live in trees and the resources we use from trees, including wood, leaves, and fruit. Students went on a walking field trip to the Municipal Park where they investigated trees. The students gathered items from the trees and did tree rubbings. The students also brought in items from home that related to trees.

As a culminating activity, IPOP students made homemade applesauce in class. With the help of IPOP teachers and paras, the students peeled the apples, measured the sugar and cinnamon, and helped mix the ingredients together. After cooking overnight, students enjoyed the “fruits” of their labor by enjoying their homemade treat the next day!

Pictured:  Ms. Orsborne and Jayden Barnette