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STEM Learning Brings Martin Luther King, Jr. to Life

MLK STEM project

Second grade students Poquoson Primary have begun working on a 3-week Storybook STEM unit in the PPS library. This STEM unit centers on Martin Luther King, Jr and his life’s work, while also reinforcing reading strategies such as inferring, identifying the main idea, and identifying character traits that describe Dr. King. After listening to the book “I Am Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” and reviewing Martin Luther King, Jr. article from the PebbleGo database, students are working together to identify character traits that describe Dr. King, as well as words that relate to his life.

In week 3, STEM groups will study examples of towers and monuments, such as the Sears Tower, electrical towers, the Washington Monument, and the Martin Luther King monument in order to better prepare for the construction of their own towers. Students will work in their STEM group, transfer their Martin Luther King character traits and life words onto cups, and work together to build a Martin Luther King, Jr. word tower that is both stable and relevant to his life. At the end of the challenge, each group will measure their tower and compare the height and tower construction designs to the other STEM groups in order to discuss the different engineering techniques and how each tower design affected it’s stability.

Pictured:  Sydney Lewis, Matthew Bambord, and William Goodwyn